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Subject:Masterlist: Star Trek AOS - Spock/Uhura
Time:11:02 am
All of my recommendations for the Spock/Uhura pairing in the Star Trek AOS fandom.

The City Series by atomicskull
Other Characters/Pairings:
 Kirk/McCoy, Sulu/Chekov
Rating/Warning(s): General to Mature 
Wordcount:  ~37,000 for the whole series
Genre: massively AU, ensemble piece
Summary: The Enterprise is actually a fashion magazine and James T. Kirk is editor in chief.
Notes: Alright, so. When I first heard the premise of this AU, I was skeptical - fashion mag, really? But I've come to realize that Atomicskull can pull off any AU that pops into her head, and she does so here. The characters still seem a little OOC to me, but it's still a lovely series with great interactions and backstories for all of the Star Trek folk.
Edit: This lj has been deleted, but if you try googling...

We Sister Ships of Different Times
by brighteyed_jill 
Other Fandoms: Firefly 
Pairing: Kirk/Spock/Uhura (mentioned Zoe/Wash) 
Rating/Warning(s): General 
Wordcount:  ~1,200 
Genre: Crossover 
Summary: Uhura isn't one much for playing hostage. 
Notes: I would love to see this story expanded - Zoe & Nyota playing off of each other is pretty awesome. 
in her aspect and her eyes by liviapenn
Star Trek AOS
Character/Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Rating/Warning(s): General
Wordcount: 2,100
Genre: Academy fic
Summary: Elementary logic leads to an obvious conclusion.
Notes: The voice of Spock here is just right, and, well, I feel like I understand the character quite a bit better after this story. And I love the Nyota we see through Spock's eyes.
Excerpt: "Who are you giving poetry to?" Lieutenant Uhura asked, her expression shifting again into one of humor. More than any other emotional expression, humor was the most difficult for Spock to comprehend, in terms of its root causes. It was always difficult to think of appropriate responses. Joy, sorrow, anger, lust-- these emotions, Spock felt, were inherently self-indulgent, and were therefore easily ignored. But humor demanded to be shared. Humor required an accomplice, and Spock was never sure how to respond to that implicit demand.

Pomegranate by loneraven 
Rating/Warning(s): General 
Wordcount:  ~5,000 
Genre: post-movie fic, friendship 
Summary: After Nero, Uhura goes home. Spock and Gaila do, too. 
Notes: This is a quiet piece, somber, even. Mostly, its about friendship and loss and home. 
Rating/Warning(s): General 
Wordcount:  ~2,600 
Genre:  Enterprise fic 
Summary: "I'm working on it," she said, already thinking of how to explain transporter technology to someone who might not know what it was in a language she had thought dead not two hours ago. 
Notes: Uhura getting her linguistic geek on. 
Wordcount:  ~1,500 
Genre:  Academy fic 
Summary: And so, yes. Spock/Uhura, pre-film. With surprisingly little actual Spock/Uhura. More Uhura. With a side of Gaila being awesome, because she is. 
Notes: I actually don't agree with this interpretation of Spock, Uhura, or Spock/Uhura at all. But I still find it intriguing... 
Other Characters/Pairings: Spock/Uhura & Kirk/McCoy, but really Jim & Nyota 
Rating/Warning(s): Teen Wordcount:  ~2,700 
Genre: Enterprise fic, humor, friendship 
Summary: Boys. Girls. Clothes. Pon Farr. 
Notes: I don't dig Kirk/Uhura, but Jim & Nyota friendship is perhaps the best thing ever. You can see the possibilities right from the beginning in that bar scene... 
 Rating/Warning(s): Mature 
Wordcount:  ~28,000 
Genre: Romance, missing scene, Academy fic
Summary: During their final semester at Starfleet Academy, two people who have no intention of ever changing transform each other. 
Notes: This is one of the classic fics that explores the backstory of Spock and Uhura (perhaps the fic of this genre?). If you're at all interested in this pairing, you simply must read this story.
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[icon] Masterlist: Star Trek AOS - Spock/Uhura - Discriminating Squee
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